cyberpanel install ssl

How to install cyberpanel install SSL certificates

Here is the step-by-step process to install SSL certificates in CyberPanel:

  1. Login to CyberPanel: Log in to CyberPanel using the credentials provided to you.
  2. Go to SSL Management: Navigate to the SSL management section by clicking on the “SSL” option in the left-side menu.
  3. Install SSL: Click on the “Install SSL” button to start the SSL installation process.
  4. Select Domain: Select the domain for which you want to install the SSL certificate.
  5. Upload Certificate Files: Upload the certificate files that you have purchased or generated for your domain. The required certificate files include the SSL certificate, private key, and CA bundle.
  6. Verify SSL Installation: Once the SSL certificate files have been uploaded, CyberPanel will automatically verify the SSL installation.
  7. SSL Installed: If the SSL certificate files are valid, CyberPanel will display a message confirming that the SSL certificate has been installed successfully.
  8. Force HTTPS: To enforce HTTPS on your website, navigate to the “Website” section in CyberPanel, select the domain, and click on the “Force HTTPS” option.

That’s it! Your website should now be secured with an SSL certificate, and all traffic to your website will be encrypted.

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