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Check SSL Certificate Authenticity With Online SSL Test

Anyone can see whether a website has this certificate or not through the navigation bar. If a website has an SSL certificate its URL comes up with HTTPS on the start. However, just having it isn’t enough; the authenticity of that certificate is also essential. A website owner can test SSL certificate is authentic by using an SSL certificate checker.

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Check whether your SSL encryption is working


Enabling SSL helps to show your audience that you’re indeed trustworthy. With SSL enabled, your website visitors know that they can trust your website as you’ll keep their info safe.

Higher Ranking

SSL is one of the factors that Google’s algorithm keeps in mind. This means that SSL-enabled websites may rank higher in the search engine results than sites that don’t have SSL.


Both businesses and their website visitors can enjoy peace of mind that their info is safeguarded against potential hackers. As neither party has to worry about online security, they can get back to business and focus on other important matters.